AUG  2017 - Volume 03, Issue 05

A.Srinivasan, Dr Shaik Naseera
A Comprehensive Review: Trust and Location Based Security in Mobile Social Networks
Vivek Raj Singh, Dr. Vikash Kumar An Analysis Of Credit Risk Assessment Models In A Public Sector Bank
Prachi Nikam, Dr. P.N. Mishra,
Dr. Suresh Patidar,
HR Policies, Performance Appraisal System & Management Support : Predictors of Performance of Institutions of Higher Learning
Mahendra A Sethi, Santosh S Lomte Analysis of Learner Strategies Obtained in IDEL Using Classification & Clustering Techniques
Dr. Rajnikant Kumar Progress of Dematerialization of Securites in Depository System
S. Shanmugam, Dr. J. Preethi A Study of Early Prediction and Classification of Arthritis Disease using Soft Computing Techniques
Sheetal Rohra, Kashish Chouhan, Kunal Patankar Mobile Advertisements Tracking System
Dr. Mohit Gangwar, Dr. Sapna Singh Data Mining Solutions in the Diagnosis of Obessive - compulsive disorder (OCD)

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