Upcoming Issue - Nov 2017 Volume-03, Issue-08, Publication Date : Nov 30, 2017. Call for Papers for Nov 2017 Volume-03, Issue-08. Last date of submission is Nov 20, 2017.

July 2015 - Volume 01, Issue 04

Sachin G. Thathe, Prof. S. B. Kalyankar Review of Effective Pattern Discovery for Text Mining
S. A. Syed, S. D. Ambekar Experimental Analysis of Material Removal Rate in Drilling of 41Cr4 by A Taguchiís
Hemant Khandelwal, Milind Hanchate, Ameya Rathod Online Bidding Android Application
Harsh Bhor SOA for Web GIS Application in Cloud
Darshan Jethawa, Kulakarni Prathamesh Image Mosaicing

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