JUNE  2017 - Volume 03, Issue 03

Subhadip Das, Dr. S. Mukherjee
Optimization of Fuel Requirement of a Vehicle
P. B. Kumbhar, A. N. Holambe Survey On Optical Character Recognition Using Neural Network
Prof. Y. R. Risodkar,
Mr. Ankush S. Pawar
Structural Health Monitoring of Bridge Using WSN
Mr. S. T. Sahane,
Prof. V. S. Ubale
A natural hand gesture and EYE movement system for intelligent HCI and Medical assistance
Ms. Ashwini Dattatray Sonawane, Prof. K. S. Tated Red Lesion Detection using Dynamic Shape Features for Diabetic Retinopathy Screening
Ms. Tejaswini Uthale,
Prof. Ravindra Burkul,
Prof. Yogesh Andhale
Experimental And Computational Aerodynamic Analysis Of Blended Wing Body
Miss Sonal Anil Nikam,
Prof. J. V. Shinde
Facilitating Document Retrieval Based On Annotation and Content Phrases

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