DEC  2017 - Volume 03, Issue 09

Manashi Medhi Perception about Electronic Cars: A Study conducted on probable customers in Tezpur Area
Ruksar Sayyad, Shivkant Mishra, Lakhan Sawant, Arshiya Pathan,
Prof. P. S. Badgujar
A Survey on Keylogging-resistant Visual Authentication Protocol
Abhilasha N Borse,
Prof. N R Wankhade
QR Code Intonation Approach for Memorandums for Data Transportation in Migrant Devices
Wendrila Biswas, Dr. Arunangshu Giri Effectiveness of Motivational Management on Employee Performance in Higher Educational Institutions of West Bengal
Shivaraju. R, B. V. Ravishankar,
H. S. Nanda, P.V. Sivapullaiah,
K. V. Manoj Krishna
Effect of Acidic Silk Dyeing Effluent on the Compaction and Strength Behaviour of Expansive Black Cotton Soil
Mr. Hiren M. Gajera,
Dr. Komal G. Dave
An Effect of DMLS Process Parameter on Surface Roughness And Dimensional Accuracy Of CL50WS Material
Ms. Prerana Gangadhar Shewale, Prof. Hon .Y .S Voice and Face Detection Robot
Rakhi. R. Bornare,
Prof. P. N. Kalavadekar
Fine Grain Knowledge Sharing in Agriculture
Mr. Shubham Patil, Ms. Namrata Patil, Ms. Priyanka Murkute,
Prof. D. B. Sisode
Recognition of Handwritten Through Segmentation and Artificial Neural Networks
Atahar Parvez Daulatabadi,
Prof. (Dr.) M. Raisinghani
Model Concession Agreement (MCA) for Highway PPP Projects in India: Evolution and its Various Forms
Mahalakshmi, Prof. Murugesan R Flexible Employee Scheduling with Multi Skill Training Program using Genetic Algorithm
Mr. Ravindra B. Pandit,
Prof. Ritesh Thakur
Taxonomy Attribute Set Based Authentication & Flexible Access Control For Cloud Storage
Anjani Kumar, D. S. Ramteke,
P. Charde, Sakhare P. R.
Feasibilities Studies on the Disinfection of Water Using Natural Disinfectants (Polymers)
Dinesh Vijay Attarde,
Prof. Manmohan Singh
Survey on Recommendation System using Data Mining and Clustering Techniques
Dr. Gagan Preet Kaur Ahluwalia CRM A tool for success in FMCG Sector
Prajyot Anil Yelmame,
Dr. R. S. Kalkotwar, Dr. Vikas Patil,
S. P. Yadav
Identification & Quantification of Impurities in Red & White Wine By GC-MS
Dheeraj Patil, Prof. Manmohan Singh A effective Encryption with Resource Optimization on Multimedia Files for Security
Divakar Shetty A. S, Dr. Antony A. J Performance and Emission characteristics of Digital Twin Spark Ignition Engine working on Gasoline Methanol Blends
Mr. R. A. Auti, Mr. D. G. Deshmukh Fragmentation & Replication of Data in Cloud Storage with Rights & Security
Prof. Khan Faisal Ali, Kanade Kalpana Reducing The Data Attacks on The Cloud by Dividing & Replicating The Data Over Multiple Cloud Nodes with Memory Managment
Prof. B K Patil, Praful S. Tayde Applying Data Mining Technique to Predict Annual Yield of Major Crops of Different Districts in Maharashtra

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