JAN  2018 - Volume 03, Issue 10

Kamalam T Dispersion Estimation and Compensation Using FrFT and LMS Adaptive Methods for Reliable Optical Communication
Mr. Basavaraj Sulibhavi,
Dr. Shivashankar K
The Role of Brand Image and Customerís loyalty Towards Private Label Brands In Hubli-Dharwad Twin City of Karnataka
Rabia M.Hamid, Rajesh K Agrawal Shadow Detection and Removal from Moving Object Using Neuro-Fuzzy
A. D. Mandlik, Prof. S. A. Karale Sludge Use in Concrete as a Replacement of Cement
Mrs. S. Devi, Dr. G. B. Karthikeyan Investors Perception Towards Behavioral Finance in Investment Decision Making
Subodh Kumar,
Prof. Amarjeet Kumar Ghosh
Study and Analysis of AODV and DSDV Routing Protocol in MANET and Modifications in AODV against Black Hole Attack
Dr. Latika Kharb, Lakshita, Vipul Searching New Assets with Biometrics
Shashikant Verma,
Bhupendra Kumar Dhiwar
Identification of Trend in Monthly & Seasonally Rainfall for Rajnandgao District, Chhattisgarh
Dr. M. Venkata Rao,
Dr. K. Kanaka Raju
Critical Analysis of Cash Less Management Models for Cash less Economy
Mr. Ayan Chatterjee,
Dr. Uttam Kumar Roy
Non-Invasive CardioVascular Monitoring - A Review Article on Latest PPG Signal Based on Computer Science Researches
DR. S. VIJAYALAKSHMI Customer Preference Towards Organic Food Products Consumption-With Special Reference to Chennai City
Hemant Deore, Prof. P. P. Rokade A Feature Based Approach on Tweets for Sentiment Analysis by using support Vector Machine
Priyanka K. Deshmukh,
Prof. Imran R. Shaikh
Survey Paper related to Storage Security used in Cloud Computing
Chinmay Kiran Gujarathi, Amol Rajaram Kate, Akshay Dipak Sagam, Shubham Rajendra Pagare,
Prof. R. S. Shinde
Triple Cam Stepless Variable Transmission
Wani Sanket Kashinath, Yeshi Mayur Madhukar, Wani Sagar Appasaheb, Lahare Sagar Vasant,
Prof. S.G. Sawant
Efficency Increasing Kit For IC Engine
Abhijit Dasgupta,
Dr. Raja Roy Choudhury
Characteristics of an Artificial Neural Network and its use in Business
Bharati P. Vasgi, Dr. U. V. Kulkarni Data Security Issues in Outsourced Environment : A survey
A. V. S. Gowtham, T. Lakshmana Kishore A Review on Effect of Vibration Welding of Different Materials in Various Welding Processes
Dr. Ella Mittal, Navneet Kaur Impact of Organizational Citizenship Behavior on Employee Retention in Banking Sector
Mr. Mahesh B. Shelke, Mr.Yogesh R Nagargoje Processing of Incomplete Data Sets: Prediction of Missing Values by using Multiple Linear Regression
Prof. S. S. Khalse Improvement of Power Quality using Unified Power Quality Conditioner with Distributed Generation

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