Upcoming Issue - Nov 2017 Volume-03, Issue-08, Publication Date : Nov 30, 2017. Call for Papers for Nov 2017 Volume-03, Issue-08. Last date of submission is Nov 20, 2017.

NOV  2017 - Volume 03, Issue 08

Ashutosh Shukla,
Prof. Vijay Shankar Pandey,
Prof. Abhishek Bajpai
A Pilot Study on Enigma of Smart Cities and Urban Poor Migrants
K. Gattaiah Concert: A Software-Defined Architecture for Next-Generation Cellular Systems
Dr. R. Satyaprasad, G. Bharathi,
Dr. G. Krishna Mohan
Assessing software reliability using Modified Genetic Algorithm: Inflection S-shaped model
C. B. David Joel Kishore,
Dr. T. Bhaskara Reddy
Governing Scalable State Level Information Warehouse Using Big Data
Shewale Yogita, Prof N. R. Wankhade Group Anomaly and Emerging Topics Discovery Using ATD Approach
Prof. Satyam Chandankar, Ansari Uber, Ansari Abuzar, Shaikh Tauquir PERENDEV Magnetic Genretor
Prof. Shaikh Sohail Mohiyodin,
Pathan Shahrukh, Shaikh Aftab,
Mohd Shahbaz
Hetero Junction Solar Cell

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