FEB  2018 - Volume 03, Issue 11

Prof. Amol S. Garud,
Prof. Pankaj P. Bhirud
Reduction Manufacturing Cost by Lean Manufacturing Tool
Prof. Dipti Mukadam, Sunita Mahale, Aayushi Dalvi, Prajakta Magar, Swapnil Gawade Secure Data Transfer Using Video Steganography
Vrushali S. Shinde, Harshada N. Dhotre, Bhagyashri A. Bhadan,
Prof. S. B. Patil
Android Application for Campus Recruitment System
Karthika. M A Study on Motivational Factors Towards The Employees in Geometric Engineering Solutions, Coimbatore
Sunita Saini Service Quality of Electric Utilities in Haryana A Comparison of North and South Haryana
Anusha Prabha. P A Study on Competency Mapping with Special Reference to Sri Saravana Industries, Coimbatore
Sunita Saini Analysis of Service Quality of Power Utilities
Dr. B. Merceline Anitha A Study on Customer-Centric Approach Towards Standard Glass India Private Limited, Dindigul
Sunita Saini Rationale behind Developing Awareness Among Electricity Consumers
Shashikant Verma,
Dharmchandra Poddar, Zaim Lari
Soil Stabilization By Using Flyash, Rice Husk and Lime
Mr. Satish Krishna Aurange,
Prof. S. B. Siledar
Efficient Searching Of Research Paper Using Hierarchical Clustering
Rama Arora Study of Wear Debris Microstructural Behaviour of Rutile Al Composite at Low Contact Pressure
Prof. A. S. Jaibhai,
Prof. T. T. Bellundagi,
Prof. A. E. Shivdas
Hardware Implementation of Incremental Conductance Based Solar MPPT System
Prof. T. T. Bellundagi,
Prof. A. S. Jaibhai, Prof. A. E. Shivdas
Pedaling Energy Harvesting by Low Speed Gearless Generator
Vinod Gopal. V, Dhanya. G,
Sabu Joseph
Drainage Character Delineation- A Remote Sensing Approach Over Vamanapuram River Basin, Kerala
Prof. Arup Barman, Mr. Karan Das Disruptive Technology In Human Resource Management-From The Bloggers Spectacle
Soumitra S. Kunte, Jeevan J. Inamdar, Ashish P. Kinge Transient Stability Improvement of Squirrel Cage Induction Wind Turbine Generator using Plugging Mode
Pooja Bansal A Comparative Analysis of Selected Financial Instruments to Solve Investors Dilemma
Subhasish Deb Congestion Management by integrating Distributed Generation using Cuckoo Search Algorithm
Manas Gupta, Antaksh More, Sairaj Joshi, Archana Anand Printer for Visually Disabled Using Servomotor
D. Latha, Dr. Y. Jacob Vetha Raj Different Types of CBIR Applications: A Survey
NITU YADAV The Role of Management in Employee Satisfaction in an Organization
Nand Shaherawala, Kalpesh Chudasma, Mehta Deep, Rathod Hardik, Sardhara Niraj Hybrid Power Generation Using Solar And Wind With GSM Technology
Prof. S. S. Khalse The Unified Power Quality Conditioner (UPQC) : The Principle, Control and Application

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